BRIGHT LYONS: October 2011

29 October 2011

My Hero

This is a picture of Richard Branson scaling the side of his own commercial space-tourism spaceport while drinking a bottle of champagne at the same time. Pete Townshend, you are no longer my mentor.

27 October 2011

This looks good.

These people interviewed me for this movie. I wonder if my part got in to the film? Im at an auction getting outbid on a chair...

24 October 2011

North Carolina

I've have been out of town for the last week. Hattie and I went down to Wilmingston NC to visit Mandy on the set of Arthur Newman, Golf Pro where Mandy is doing Colin Firth and Emily Blunt's hair. Here are 3 pictures. 1) Hattie about to fall into a sand trap. 2) Mandy's partner in crime Evelyn. 3) Acting.

6 New Things

I have not been posting anything for a while because I have been traveling, more about that later. But, none the less, here are 6 new things that made it in to the shop during my absence.

Super cool George Nelson bench with planter.
Really faded red Eames LCM
Big set of 12 Mies BRNO chairs.
My personal fav, this early Florence Knoll T-Angle coffee table.
Rare Andre Dupree for Knoll string chairs.
A pair of Bertoia child's chairs.

15 October 2011


My daughter is currently going though a "graffiti" stage. Her tag is : IMONE

New Drawings from Jessica Ciocci of Paper Rad

It really made my day yesterday when I got home from work to find a package full of drawings from Jessica Ciocci in the mail. These are from a body of work that she has been creating and exhibiting for the last few years. They are basically just marker on grid paper. I have them at the shop for now but will probably take them home soon.

George Nelson Steelframe furniture.

We just got these two George Nelson steelframe pieces in. The desk is always popular and the display case is pretty rare.

Brooklyn Flea.

Here are the things I found at the Brooklyn Flea Market today. A Bertoia Child's Chair, a Girard pillow, and a great book of paper craft from 1966.

14 October 2011

Back from the framer. Girard's last design?

I have been using "Make a Frame" framers on Atlantic Ave for the framing of the Girard show and they are doing a really good job. This poster in a great example of Girard graphic work. I have seen the original drawings for this poster and in an early version Mr Girard includes the date of 1981 in it. That would make this poster one of, is not the last thing Girard officially designed as he was starting to get sick by then.

George Nelson Executive Desk and Return

This nice old guy needs a home. He is taking up a fair about of real estate in the shop.

Eames Cats Cradle in Elephant Hide Grey

This is my favorite version of an Eames shell.

10 October 2011

Mandy's new movie. Young Adult.

As I may have mentioned before, my wife does the hair for movies. This is a new one she just did. It looks like it might be good.
Check the trailer out


08 October 2011

Rare and Late Alexander Girard "Computer" textile.

This is one of the rarest and one of the last textiles Alexander Girard created for Herman Miller. I got it at the Brooklyn Flea today.

Joe Grillo Sweat Shirt

Here is a cool sweatshirt by Joe Grillo of DEARRAINDROP that I got from Kathy Grayson's "The Hole" gallery. Totally amazing hand made fabric collage. Go get one!


I decided to gig some of my zines out of the basement because I found there cool picture ledge things at IKEA. Thats right IKEA, BFD. Most of there ones are from that Providence RI Fort Thunder scene.

01 October 2011

Environmental Enrichment Panels

In preparation for our Alexander Girard show we got out some of Girard's 1972 Environmental Enrichment Panels and started to play around with different formations. These 3 are the simplest ones of the 40 he created. Just simple geometric patterns but still super powerful when you actually see them up on the wall.