BRIGHT LYONS: September 2011

25 September 2011

The Brooklyn Flea

When I as a teenager I got really obsessed with John Coltrane. One record that I could never find was the infamous OM lp. Apparently it was recorded while on LSD. My other Brooklyn Flea Market find this week was an insanely rare Alexander Girard raw silk neck tie that was sold at the T&O shop in the early 60's. I now have 3 Girard neck ties. Grand total. $18

The Strand

My monthly trip to The Strand unearthed 2 great books. An original 1960 copy of "This is London" which will go in to my daughter's collection of books she is not aloud to touch. And this amazing danish book, "Wood in Architecture" from 1961 with great period pictures of danish interiors. Grand total was $42.

22 September 2011

Todd and Kiera's Unbelievable Alexander Girard Book!

Holy Shit, I was just at Todd Oldham's studio and he showed me his insanely amazing Alexander Girard monograph that he just finished with Kiera Coffee ( nest, house beautiful, cookie... ). This book is going to blow everybody's minds. Its over 600 pages of work by Girard and I swear about 80% is stuff no one has every seen before. I have never been so excited for a book to come out. ( and as a side note, Kiera is going to be writing the forward to my Girard catalog for the BRIGHT LYONS collection... ) to be continued.

Every Nelson Steelframe Seating Unit

I was up on a ladder today trying to sort out a way to hang some fabric and I noticed that we now have every piece of George Nelson Steel Frame sofa and bench unit including the weird planter thing. Come check it out, you can create your own waiting room.

20 September 2011

Eames 670 671 Lounge\Ottoman

This nice old Eames lounge and ottoman came in today. It used to belong to super dealer Mark McDonald so of course it's pretty much museum quality. $4500 and its yours.

19 September 2011

George Nelson Benches

Our friend Cha, arguably the worlds greatest modern design dealer to use Craigslist exclusively,  dropped off these 2 really nice and early Nelson benches today. Do you know how to tell a super early Nelson bench from just an early one?........................................................................................ curved leg edges!

18 September 2011

Best thank-yous ever

When I was fifteen I was in a hardcore punk band called the Moron Brothers. I found our tape the other day and my thank-you list is pretty incredible. "Thanks, willpower."

14 September 2011

12 September 2011

Thanks to Tom at The Scout

Tom at The Scout has been really supportive of the shop. Check them out here: and here:!/thescout

10 September 2011

Alexander Girard Dragon Peak House 1968

This copy of House & Garden magazine has a big article about a pretty much unknown Alexander Girard house. I bought one of the dining tables from this house a while back but was never able to find any documentation for it until now. The crazy gold coffee table is my favorite. 

Amazing rugs we found in Marrakech Morocco

We were in Morocco a while ago and brought back a whole bunch of North African rugs. These are the only things that have ever ben in the shop that fall under the dreaded " not for sale " category. I would seriously consider going back to get more to sell in the shop.

09 September 2011

All Time Greatest Knoll Credenza

I bought this Knoll credenza today in a retail shop in NYC. Really cheap. And they totally knew what it was. Its kind of nice to know you can still find good things in NYC.

08 September 2011

Alexander Girard Blanket for Braniff Airlines

This is a great example of one of the wool blankets Alexander Girard designed for Braniff Airlines in 1965. I have 2 of these left. Some of the top brass guys at Herman Miller came in and bought the others. Hmmmm, I smell and re-issue coming.

07 September 2011

Hattie Bright's first pictures.

My one year old daughter got a hold of my camera and took a few pictures on her own.

05 September 2011

Eames Soft Pads 1968

This nice pair of Eames soft pad chairs just came in.

02 September 2011

PK Furniture in a basement.

One of the advantages of having a store is people calling and wanting to sell things. The other day a women called and said she had a basement full of Poul Kjaerholm furniture she wanted to sell. And that she did....

01 September 2011

6 months in...

The great Mindy Best was in recently to take a few pictures of the shop. I thought it would be cool to have pictures taken of the shop every 6 months, so here we are 6 month in.