BRIGHT LYONS: August 2011

29 August 2011


Well I guess all this was pretty unnecessary. We did not get a drop of water in our basement.

Craigslist MISTAKE

This is in response to my owe stupid, smug, post from the other day about buying an Eames lounge chair on craigslist. This is why you have to see these things in person before you buy them. You can't just send you trucker over there to do the deal like I did. This thing is totally fucked. Drilled out on one side and broken in half on the other.

26 August 2011

Seller's Remorse

Today's post is on something called "Sellers Remorse". Its like buyers remorse but much, much more painful. I have experienced my fair share of Sellers Remorse over the last couple years. When I decided to move to NYC from Canada, open a store, and adopt a baby all within the same year it became nessesary to sell things that I really didn't want to sell. Here are 5 of the most regretful:

1. Barry McGee. Kinetic painting man instalation.

I bought the sculpture of the painting man at Sotheby's in 2003 and then Barry sent me the paintings and instructions on how to use a pesticide sprayer to spray the wall.

2. Ben Jones.  New Dark Age Paintings.

Ben painted these right before his big breakthrough show a Deitch Projects. I somehow ended up with all 3. I think these paintings were the first paintings Ben did that really show him working at 100% of him powers. The gold leaf is fucking incredible.

3. Cory Arcangel. Super Mario Movie.

I got this at Art Basel in 2005, it took me 6 months to pay for it and now its gone. I have not been to his retrospective at the Whitney yet but I heard him talking about these hacked NES cartridge pieces on WNYC. Whatever. I suck.

4. Andrew Jeffery Wright. X Wave Paintings.

These are really beautiful pieces by the legendary AJW. I tried to sell these to clients for about a year but I guess he is was not famous enough or something and I had to send them back to him. Technically this is not sellers remorse because I did not sell any. But still...

5. Tomo Gokita.

This just sucked. I totally fell in love with this guys stuff and was the first person to buy something from his big breakout show at ATM about 5 years ago. Then I got wrapped up in this lame fake Frank Lloyd Wright chair deal and ended up having to pay back my friend a huge some of money for these stupid bullshit fake chairs. I did not have all the money so I gave him this painting. Tomo's paintings are really really hard to get now. But I like to think I did the right thing taking the chairs back.

25 August 2011

So Hot!

I think I have a thing for Sheila E...! There is just something about her...

Paper Rad on the market at Wright20

Hats off to Richard Wright and the Jefferson brother's over at Wright20 in Chicago for including work by the legendary Paper Rad in their upcoming "Living Contemporary" sale. Paper Rad created some of the most important and influential artwork in America throughout the first 10 years of the 21st century. If I was an art advisor, and my client only had a budget of $2500....

23 August 2011

The Afghan Whigs

My all time favorite band is The Afghan Whigs. Check out how intense this performance is on the Jon Stewart show from 1993. I went to see Greg Dulli's current band, The Twilight Singers a couple months ago and it was incredible. To me this is Emo. These guys would tear apart any of todays little piss ant girly boy Emo bands. 

1995 Teenage Hardcore Punk Bus Trip!

In 1995 my band was playing a show a couple hours out of town. We rented a school bus and took all our friends to the show with us. Im the one in the middle with the yellow "BOLD" shirt on.

21 August 2011

George Nelson Sofa from George Nelson House

It has come to my attention (thanks, Fernando) that a previously undocumented George Nelson-designed house has been discovered in Rosalyn, New York. A lot of the furnishings were custom made by Nelson, and, frankly, we're trying to get our hands on them. The first thing to come into the shop is this great original loose-cushion sofa from about 1956. Hopefully there will be more to come.

Wormley Cube

For the second time this week a non-Herman Miller/Knoll item has come into the shop, which, of course, we like to avoid. But this Edward Wormley parquet table was too good to pass up. It's one of Wormley's rarest creations and it will be fun to have it in the shop while it lasts.

20 August 2011

Hemisphere Club Chair

Speaking of Time Life chairs. The Eames' Time Life chair was not the only chair made by a Herman Miller designer for the Time Life Building. Check out this George Nelson chair that was designed for his "Hemisphere Club". This was the club on the top of the Time Life building that was completely designed by Nelson and his office. The chairs were never put in to production.

19 August 2011

Eames Time Life Chair

Kevin "Tit" Landers, the picker\real estate agent came by today with this old Eames, Time Life chair. I beat him down on the price and told him I could not pay till next week. I've become the person I used to hate when I was a picker! sorry kev...

18 August 2011

Craft Horizons

The basement in this place still has all sorts of hidden gems in it. I just found this pile of "Craft Horizons" magazines from the 50's and 60's. If anyone out there has something cool to trade for them please get in touch.

Old Dirty Rocker

We just got this really early, dirty, well used Eames rocker. Nathalie is hard at work cleaning it up. Soon it will look like its just came out of the Vitra gift shop.

Big Boy by Jim Drain

It took me 7 years but I finally managed to get this sculpture by one of my favorite artists, Jim Drain. Jim Drain was in the group Forcefield from Providence RI. I think its going to live here at the shop for a while and then if we ever get a bigger apartment it can come home. My daughter pulled one of the beads off of it already so maybe its best that it stays here for now.

5 eggs

I was in Newport RI recently and found this weird book at a used book shop. It's about traditional Japanese packaging techniques and has a forward by George Nelson. It also is of interest because someone wrote "Scarce Classic" inside the front cover. I will buy anything that is a scarce classic. I'm going to start writing that in the front of all the books we have for sale at the shop.

16 August 2011

2 by George Nelson

A couple of things came in to the shop today that I have never had before. Both are somewhat rare George Nelson pieces. The bed is usually referred to as the "Thin Edge" bed and the fire tool set was made by Howard Miller. ( Herman Miller's brother )

My wife Mandy does the hair for movies. The trailer for one of her movies
called "Dream House" just came out. When watching the trailer just focus on
the hair. It was fun shooting this one because it was in Toronto and I got
to visit with old friends and family back in Canada. Also, I got some great
exercise ideas from Daniel Craig. He was using those giant rubber elastic
things that you attach to a wall and then pull on. I'm going to be installing
a set in the shop soon.

15 August 2011

Anybody that knows me will know that I hate furniture that was not manufactured by Knoll or Herman Miller. So it's surprising that a non-Knoll or Herman Miller piece made its way into the store today. It's this cute little chest by Paul McCobb. It's already bringing down the moral of the place and I would like to sell it ASAP.

We also got this huge Eames table. Normally segmented base Eames tables are on my "don't buy" list, but this one is such a great example I thought I would give it a chance. Its around 6' in diameter and the top is a beautiful combed oak which is uncommon on this particular form.

14 August 2011

A Painting by Eric White

When I first started to come to New York in the late nineties, one of the first people I became close friends with was the painter Eric White. We both shared a love of SCTV and were both proud cat owners. In fact, for many years I cat-sat Eric's cats whenever he went out of town. I had always wanted to acquire one of his paintings, and this year my wife and I finally did acquire two. Both paintings are from his album covers series. These paintings really need to be seen in person to be appreciated. Please check out more of Eric's work here

Florence Knoll Sofa. Knoll 1954.

Legendary upstate NY picker, "Guitar Frank" came by the shop the other day with this great early Knoll sofa.