16 November 2011


If there is one question that Ive been asked numerous times over the years its "Paul,  just what is it that makes your Ultimate Nachos, "Ultimate"". I made these nachos for "Ultimate Fight Night" at my place over the weekend and everyone was really impressed. The trick to making your nachos Ultimate is not the number of ingredients you use, its in the layering of the ingredients. You want to lay down the chips, vegies, ground beef, beans, and cheese but then repeat the whole process until the nachos are about 4" deep. Once the first layer is eaten there will be a second layer I like to call the "bedrock" that can be put back in the oven for a second round.

One other important point. On the top of the first layer you must add hot peppers and spices. Otherwise you'll just end up with "Extreme Nachos" and nobody wants that.