10 November 2011

Good Art Show

I just went to see this art show today. This gallery has had some good shows in the past with people like Jason McClean and Joe Grillo. My friend Eric White has a piece in this show so I went to take a look. But there is also a Eddie Martinez painting in the show. I love his work. He is one of the most naturally gifted painters in NYC. But every time I think I will be able to afford a painting the fucking prices go up. This one is $15,000. WTF. Really? I bought about 100 pieces of  art from 2001 to 2009 all from NYC artists associated with Dietch and Kathy Grayson and Clementine and ATM and CANADA and that whole crazy group of people and I love everything that I bought. But here are the 3 that I never could get. Eddie Martinez, Tauba Auerbach and Joe Bradley. I know Joe now and think I will end up getting a nice piece by him, Tauba I have given up on, but Eddie Martinez will haunt me for sure.