BRIGHT LYONS: Seller's Remorse

26 August 2011

Seller's Remorse

Today's post is on something called "Sellers Remorse". Its like buyers remorse but much, much more painful. I have experienced my fair share of Sellers Remorse over the last couple years. When I decided to move to NYC from Canada, open a store, and adopt a baby all within the same year it became nessesary to sell things that I really didn't want to sell. Here are 5 of the most regretful:

1. Barry McGee. Kinetic painting man instalation.

I bought the sculpture of the painting man at Sotheby's in 2003 and then Barry sent me the paintings and instructions on how to use a pesticide sprayer to spray the wall.

2. Ben Jones.  New Dark Age Paintings.

Ben painted these right before his big breakthrough show a Deitch Projects. I somehow ended up with all 3. I think these paintings were the first paintings Ben did that really show him working at 100% of him powers. The gold leaf is fucking incredible.

3. Cory Arcangel. Super Mario Movie.

I got this at Art Basel in 2005, it took me 6 months to pay for it and now its gone. I have not been to his retrospective at the Whitney yet but I heard him talking about these hacked NES cartridge pieces on WNYC. Whatever. I suck.

4. Andrew Jeffery Wright. X Wave Paintings.

These are really beautiful pieces by the legendary AJW. I tried to sell these to clients for about a year but I guess he is was not famous enough or something and I had to send them back to him. Technically this is not sellers remorse because I did not sell any. But still...

5. Tomo Gokita.

This just sucked. I totally fell in love with this guys stuff and was the first person to buy something from his big breakout show at ATM about 5 years ago. Then I got wrapped up in this lame fake Frank Lloyd Wright chair deal and ended up having to pay back my friend a huge some of money for these stupid bullshit fake chairs. I did not have all the money so I gave him this painting. Tomo's paintings are really really hard to get now. But I like to think I did the right thing taking the chairs back.